What will the new season hold, what will it bring..surely it can’t be as close as the last, as a two-horse race, neck and neck to the finish? Can we stand the emotion, the tension?

Of course, we can..for We Are Liverpool, This Means More…..

Whether there are trophies at the end of it or not, we can be sure that it won’t be for lack of trying.

So we didn’t win the Community Shield, but only by the width of the woodwork twice, and a fraction of the ball once. City knew they’d been in a game and what to expect from us for the season.

Match Reports 

Remember that we’re looking for your contributions and views on the games..with the chance of a very decent prize at the end of the season.

Doesn’t matter how you saw the game, live, on the telly, your phone, or even over the radio, send your thoughts in..so John, Nitin, Stuart, Carol, Steven, Graham, and anyone else who went to Wembley….kick us off!

If you look at some examples from last season under Match Reports, they show that you don’t have to be anywhere near as good as young Chris Stonadge is with his previews of the early games coming up….give it a go and send in a few words!

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